• Season Salad150,000 Rial
  • Shirazi Salad100,000 Rial
  • Yoghurt80,000 Rial
  • Shallot Yoghurt100,000 Rial
  • Types of Day Soup150,000 Rial
  • Yoghurt and Cucumber100,000 Rial
  • Soup Type150,000 Rial
  • mushroom soup250,000 Rial
  • Yogurt and cucumber100,000 Rial
Sea Foods
  • Walrus Fish900,000 Rial
  • Trout Fish350,000 Rial
  • Boneless Fillet Chicken Kebab320,000 Rial
  • Shishlik Lamb1,000,000 Rial
  • Bakhtiary Roasted Fillet of Chicken and Meat600,000 Rial
  • Ghafghazi Lamb Meat800,000 Rial
  • Chicken of Schnitzel300,000 Rial
  • Fried Chicken300,000 Rial
  • Espresso Coffee160,000 Rial
  • French Coffee140,000 Rial
  • Tea50,000 Rial
  • Special Icecream180,000 Rial
  • Pistachio Icecream180,000 Rial
Special Iranian Foods
  • Proper Lamb Kebab with Rice700,000 Rial
  • Lamb Kebab with Rice500,000 Rial
  • Saffron Minced Lamb Kebab with Rice380,000 Rial
  • Roasted Chicken with Rice350,000 Rial
  • Bakhtiari Kebab (Sheep Fillet & Hen Breast) with Rice700,000 Rial
  • Mixed Broad Bean or Barberry with Rice & Meat650,000 Rial
  • Mixed Broad Bean or Barberry with Rice & Hen330,000 Rial
  • Butter and Rice180,000 Rial
  • Mixed Broad Bean or Barberry with Rice200,000 Rial
  • Additional Minced Kebab200,000 Rial
Cold Drinks
  • Big Yaghurt Drink0 Rial
  • Small Yaghurt Drink20,000 Rial
  • Drink (Coca Cola, Pepsi, Fanta)26,000 Rial
  • Bear30,000 Rial
  • Big Mineral Water20,000 Rial
  • Small Mineral Water12,000 Rial
  • Champagne350,000 Rial
  • Bavaria (beer)150,000 Rial