Iranshahr Hotel is one of the oldest hotels and with the greatest history in Iran which opened in 1953 in the name of Loozan Hotel by late Hossein Ali Alborz, the founder of Alborz Cultural Institute.

It was renovated in 1981 by new management and began work in the name of Iranshahr Hotel.

Iranshahr Hotel is located in the central part of Tehran, and provides accessing to all the important places of Tehran such as Bazar, airport, terminal, railways, places of interest and museums, most ministries and central agencies.

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Restaurant the hotel has a restaurant in the name of “Kashkol “with original, classical and traditional Iranian architecture and a pleasant and full of peace atmosphere. This restaurant with a great variety of dishes, both Iranian and foreign, is open to guests from all parts of Iran and the world.
Coffee shop the hotel with a different and varied menu includes hot and cold drinks, variety of light meal, dessert and cake and also light snacks and a pleasant atmosphere provide the best services to the guests.